Interview with an 8 point / liquid lift patient – The questions you always wanted to ask!

Interview with an 8 point / liquid lift patient – The questions you always wanted to ask!

How did you decide this treatment and clinic was right for you?

‘I wasn’t sure what exactly i needed but could see that my face is looking older. I wanted to speak to a doctor about what options i had and get some ideas on pricing. So I shopped around on the internet and came across the White Horse Aesthetic clinic, its local to me and so I arranged a free consultation with Doctor Edwards – it was very important to me that I spoke to a doctor as safety and training were my key concerns, I mean its my face! [laughing]’

Okay so tell me about the consultation

‘Okay so, I arrived at the Clinic and went through to speak to Doctor Edwards. I could tell from the beginning that he knew what he was talking about. I asked what he though would best deal with my ageing face and he advised an 8 point lift. I wasn’t sure about what this involved so I asked lots of questions about how it worked and he was more than happy to spend time on them all making sure I understood the procedure’

So tell me about the ‘8 point lift procedure and what it entails

‘Okay ill try [laughing]! So, how shall i start this? hmm, okay so ill start with Dr Edwards description of the infamous triangle of beauty. He explained how when the face is young it is shaped like an upside down triangle, but as you age your chin and jawline sag this triangle flips. So, an eight point lift involves using filler to reverse this effect of ageing and make you look younger. Which is exactly what I wanted! I wanted to book the procedure there and then! But Dr Edwards advised to take a ‘cooling off period’, to go away and have a think about it just ensure I didn’t rush into any decisions and to make sure I was comfortable. I rang two weeks later and booked the appointment!’

So how did you prepare for the procedure?

‘Actually there was no preparation needed I wasn’t taking any medication and was in good health so all I had to bring along was my face’

Talk me through the procedure

‘I arrived and was greeted by the very friendly team they have working there. I was seen on time! Before the procedure I had my photographs taken explained as part of my clinical records and was asked weather I was willing to share my photographs for marketing purposes’

And did you?

‘I did so long as they blurred out my eyes [laughing]. But anyways, Dr Edwards talked me through the procedure again making sure I was happy with all the details and then we moved onto the paper work [jokingly yawns]. Im only joking it was quick mainly about consent and understanding of potential side effects.’

So what happened next?

‘I got onto the couch and Dr Edwards and his assistant did the procedure. It started with a  very thorough cleansing of the face, there was some nice music playing in the background so no awkward silence! Then Dr Edwards started injecting the filler, which surprisingly caused minimal pain, there were some sharp pricks but it wasn’t very uncomfortable at all. I was then given aftercare advice and just like that it was done! No massive expensive surgery required!’

So What was the downtime like?

‘Very short actually. I had some bruising but that was all. I had arranged time off work, just incase, but it was not necessary and I got back to my normal day to day immediately.’

I think you look great, are you you happy with the results?

‘Absolutely delighted! The results are so subtle – I have had so many compliments along the lines of ‘you are looking so well’ or ‘whats different’ I know it sounds like such a cliche but its true! I wanted a procedure that would help my ageing face without having to let the whole world know, and that exactly what the Clinic, Dr Edwards and the 8 point lift did for me!’

Do you have any advice for people seeking Aesthetic treatments?

‘Do your homework and speak with someone who is qualified. No question is a stupid question. Also, in terms of its pricing the White Horse Aesthetic Clinic is competitive so why not get one of their experienced doctors to perform the treatment instead of someone less qualified? It is your face after all!’

Thank you so much for taking the time and enjoy the results of your lift! Our interviewee would like to stay anonymous so don’t worry, your beauty secret is safe with us!

By M.E