Micro-needling using a SkinPen® Vs. at Home Derma Rolling? Ding Ding!

Micro-needling is trending and therefore so are different methods. We want to take a look at what the fuss is all about and how you can choose the best and most safe form of Micro-needling for you!

What is Micro-needling?
Micro-needling is a treatment effective in reducing acne scarring, enlarged pores, sun damage and skin ageing. The treatment works by using small needles to puncture the skin. The microscopic channels produced stimulate your bodies healing process and therefore the production of collagen and elastin (components which rejuvenate the skin). Plus the procedure can be performed on all skin types.

The SkinPen®:
Here at the White Horse Aesthetic Clinic we use state-of-the-art medical grade SkinPen micro-needling device. The Pen is designed for use by medical professionals only and is used to ‘awaken’ your skin during the healing process.

A Derma Roller:
The Derma Roller is becoming a popular, at home form of micro-needling. The mechanism works in a similar way to a paint roller (the difference being the needles attached to the outside!)

The Needles:
The SkinPen® uses disposable straight needles penetrating the skin at 90 degrees – this precision produces optimal results. Whereas, Derma rollers encounter difficulties such as bending needles and contamination. The motion of the Derma roller needles slices the skin and therefore produces slits presenting the patient with more chance of infection to the damaged areas.

Different settings:
Micro-needling using the SkinPen® provides you with a customised treatment. Needle depth can be adjusted to suit the needs of the patients skin and use different penetration levels to achieve the optimum results i.e. gentle around the eye socket, and more intense on acne scarring. The precision of the pen makes it versatile and allows maximum coverage. Whereas, Derma rollers have difficulty in effectively treating areas of the face such as around the nose, mouth and eyes – due to the inability to reach concave areas. The Derma roller has just one depth, a depth which many aesthetic doctors claim can be too shallow to achieve the best results.

The SkinPen® is used by a qualified physician, the procedure is performed quickly, effectively and in a clinical environment. The clinician applies a numbing agent to ensure your comfort (you can feel the vibration of the pen during the procedure). Immediately after SkinPen® treatment the skin will appear slightly red (the appearance of the skin could be compared to the appearance of a mild to moderate sunburn) and may feel hot. You are then provided with an aftercare treatment kit by the Doctor which include essential nutrients to help support the skin remodelling. The Derma Roller can give a similar red appearance to the skin. However, there are far less punctures made and therefore much less improvement (driven by the healing response of the skin).

The SkinPen® is minimally invasive and haslittle recovering downtime making it ideal for a busy lifestyle. Derma Rollers similarly have minimal downtime.

Micro-needling results are gradual and so patience is key. A course of SkinPen® treatment will likely consist of between 3 and 6 sessions over a period of weeks or months depending on your personalised (tailored to your needs) treatment plan that your Doctor will provide. A Derma roller may seem like a quick or cheap fix but the results can be few and far between due to the lack of precision and depth of the needles.

Ding Ding! round one to Micro-needling using a SkinPen®!

Fun fact: SkinPen Micro-needling procedures pose no risk of permanent skin discolouration unlike dermabrasion and laser techniques.

Written by M.E.