Searching for the best cosmetic surgery clinic? Maybe you shouldn’t be.

If you’re looking for cosmetic surgery, of course you want it carried out by the best clinic available. Typically, clients will look at the clinic’s location and prices, and indications of the quality of work (perhaps through testimonials). They will want to know about the doctors’ backgrounds, the clinic’s reputation, inspection ratings, reviews and so on.

These are all sensible factors to consider when choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic.

Yet we believe a proportion of those searching have missed something vital. They’re glossed over the most important question – should they be having cosmetic surgery in the first place?

For hundreds of people considering cosmetic surgery, the answer may be ‘no’. Surgery simply isn’t the most appropriate or even cost-effective procedure to meet their needs.

Alternatives to cosmetic surgery in Wiltshire
Do you need cosmetic surgery to attain the results you want?

Cosmetic surgery is a powerful procedure

We’re not saying that cosmetic surgery is never justified for aesthetic improvements. Far from it. When used appropriately, cosmetic surgery can effect remarkable changes for the patient. For example, otoplasty (ear procedures), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) can have profound effects on appearance, giving users a new self-confidence.

However, most doctors would agree that cosmetic surgery is not something to be undertaken lightly. To state the obvious, it is surgery. It’s a powerful intervention that requires a huge amount of skill and – depending on the procedure – considerable after-care.

The downsides

Cosmetic surgery has two potential downsides: financial cost and risk.

The price of surgery can be eye-wateringly high, and most people in the UK will have to pay for it themselves. Regarding risk, there’s no escaping that all surgery carries an inherent risk. Nerves and other tissues can be damaged, and infection is always a possibility.

The issue is that in some cases, there’s no reason to be exposed to these downsides. The improvement the client was seeking could have been easily achieved through non-surgical procedures. This is particularly true with addressing the signs of ageing. Here, real improvements can be seen with non-surgical alternatives. These can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of surgery and without the associated risks.

Just to be clear, we’re not rubbishing cosmetic surgery or trying to cynically overstate the dangers. It’s simply that there’s sometimes no need for surgery because there’s a perfectly viable alternative. Sometimes cosmetic surgery is a sledgehammer used to crack a nut.

What are the best alternatives to cosmetic surgery you should consider?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are effective in addressing a range of aesthetic needs, but here we’ll mention those associated with ageing. At our own clinic, we see clients delighted with improvements after having procedures for:

  • Reducing lines and wrinkles. Here Botox is a tried and tested solution that helps reduce forehead lines, crows’ feet, frown Lines, marionette lines and more.
  • Increasing lip volume. Dermal fillers are excellent for ameliorating the lip thinning that naturally occurs with ageing.
  • Softening angular jaw lines and sunken cheeks. Again, in skilled hands, dermal fillers can result in natural-looking plumping-out of these areas.
  • Rejuvenating tired-looking skin. Procedures such as skin rejuvenation, and skin peels are effective in dealing with this much-neglected sign of ageing.

Our take-home message is this: before you start googling ‘best cosmetic surgery Bath’ or ‘cosmetic surgery Wiltshire’, step back and think again. Talk to people who’ve had both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Research the risks and benefits. And by all means talk to our friendly professionals about whether our safe, non-surgical treatments can meet your needs.