PDO threads offer an extremely versatile range of aesthetic treatments for face and body. By inserting these absorbable threads under the skin (using either a needle or a cannula), sagging skin tissues are lifted and tightened. Once in place, the multiple fine PDO threads create a network that acts as a support or scaffold for the tissue. This produces an immediate and visible lifting effect whilst also promoting natural collagen production.

There are two main types of PDO thread, simple threads and cogs. Simple threads stimulate the production of collagen, which acts over time to tighten the skin. Cogs are longer threads which grip the underside of the skin have an immediate lifting effect. Results last up to 18 months, after which time the threads will be absorbed, leaving new collagen in their place. They can be used together with other treatments including dermal fillers and PRP (Plasma Rich Protein). The versatility of PDO threads means that they can be used in treating most areas of the face and neck. These include:

  • Upper face. Forehead lines, crows feet and used in brow lifts
  • Mid Face. Tear trough correction, nasolabial folds, cheek enhancement, smokers’ lines. Used in 5 point face lifts and 10 point full face and jaw lift
  • Lower face. Lips, marionette lines, chin wrinkles. Used in jaw line lift
  • Neck and décolletage. Used in neck lifts, submental tensioning and platysmal hypertrophy.