The Skin Peel Question – To Peel or Not to Peel

obagi blue skin peel for skin rejuvenationTo peel or not to peel, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of the ageing process. Or to take advice from the professionals, and consider a peel.

Skin peels can transform problems such as dull, lifeless skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne scarring and melasma. Here at White Horse Aesthetic Clinic, we offer a range of Obagi skin peels that vary in strength. Our team of experienced doctors can tailor a skin peel specifically to your skin type, condition and tone.

What’s so special about Obaji skin peels?

Our Obagi chemical skin peels work at a much deeper level than products bought over the counter. The Obagi skin peels are viewed as the elite in chemical skin peels because they use active prescription strength ingredients. Along with a unique patented deep penetrating system, this transforms the skin at a deeper level to reveal an age-defying healthier, younger-looking you.

Chemical skin peels and rejuvenation

Chemical skin peels can be used with great effect to rejuvenate your skin. This can be done as a one-off treatment or as a part of a treatment plan. The peel is often used as part of a treatment package alongside the Obagi Nu-Derm system. This ensures that the skin is in the best condition possible to benefit from the peel, and that the effects are maintained for the maximum length of time after treatment.

We have found that many of our clients have chosen to have a peel in addition to other aesthetic treatments, such as using Botox and dermal fillers. For many, the removal of fine lines and wrinkles, and the improvements made to the shape and contour of the face, can be further complemented by improving the condition of the skin itself.

What Obaji peels can achieve

Before and after skin peel treatment

Obagi skin peels are designed to exfoliate your skin and encourage it to refresh itself by creating fresh new skin cells. This involves:

  • exfoliating the skin in order to remove any dead skin cells
  • stimulating the growth of healthy young cells
  • promoting collagen regeneration, encouraging it to come to the surface of the skin.

All this greatly improves the skin’s appearance. The results include:

  • reduced blotchy patches that make the complexion dull and discoloured
  • reduction of sun damage, including fine lines, wrinkles and spots
  • improvement in acne, reduced inflammation and scarring
  • reduced pigmentation and evens out skin tone
  • stimulated collagen production for plumper, softer skin
  • removal of dead skin cells
  • fresher, younger looking skin with a silky smooth texture.

Your next step – a younger-looking skin?

If you’re intrigued by what skin peels can offer (and you should be!), you can find out more on our skin peel page. It’s also worth finding out about other skin rejuvenation treatments, as skin peels can complement these for a truly transformative effect.

Then, when you’re ready to chat to our professionals about achieving a younger-looking skin, get in touch.