Keep your facial ‘triangle of beauty’ by restoring volume

We all age at different rates and in different ways. With respect to facial ageing, there are three factors that commonly contribute to the process:

  • The ageing and thinning of the skin, associated with loss and disruption of collagen and elastin.
  • The progression of tissue laxity, sagging, drooping and the appearance of excess skin.
  • The development of hollowness, the sunken or gaunt appearance in the cheeks, and the fading of youthful contours caused by volume loss.

Source: Timothy Miller MD,

Volume matters

Marilyn by Josh Bryan shows the triangle of beauty
Marilyn by Josh Bryan

In this post, we’ll consider the third of these issues – the importance of volume in maintaining youthful looks.

The loss of volume, together with wrinkles, is a key factor in causing facial skin to look older. When volume is lost, the structure and shape of the whole face starts to change.  Sagging skin, loss of contours or ‘looking drawn’, is often seen as a negative aspect of ageing. This facial ageing can be best described as an effect on the ‘triangle of beauty.’

The triangle of beauty

In our youth, volume is evenly distributed in our facial skin. The main features include:

  • Full cheeks
  • High cheekbones
  • Smooth, radiant skin
  • A lean and well-defined jaw line

These features combine to create a ‘heart-shaped’ face that is widely associated with a youthful appearance. The structure is wider as the top, tapering down to the narrowest point at the chin. This is often described as ‘the triangle of beauty.’

Facial ageing and the loss of those youthful contours, in part caused by loss of volume, mean the triangle becomes inverted. These changes include:

  • Sagging facial shape
  • Wider and slacker jaw line
  • Flatter, sunken cheeks
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • The corners of the mouth point downwards

Combined, these changes equate to an aged appearance. The triangle turns upside-down, with the wider area towards the bottom of the face. As volume has diminished and skin sags, our perception is that the face can appear worn and tired.

What can be done about loss in volume?

“Although a loss of volume is a complex concern and is in many ways inevitable, the visible effects can be treated in a variety of ways.”

One possible option is a specialised volumising and lifting facial treatment. Here at the White Horse Aesthetic Clinic, our aesthetic doctors use the most advanced and precise techniques for total rejuvenation. We use advanced dermal filler techniques, commonly known as ‘the non-surgical eight point lift’. As the name suggests, 8 points of the mid-face that are lifted, and it offers a real alternative to cosmetic surgery.

This non-surgical technique uses high-quality dermal fillers to enhance and discretely lift the face for a totally rejuvenated effect, creating a more youthful appearance.

How does the non-surgical facelift work?

Our eight point lift targets key areas of the mid-face, thereby:

  • Restoring volume
  • Enhancing the face’s natural features
  • Re-contouring the shape of the face
  • Smoothing and tightening the skin
  • Reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalising the whole mid-face and lower-face
  • Producing outstanding natural results

Not only is there no downtime associated with this treatment, the results are natural-looking and subtle, lasting up to 15 – 18 months. The real appeal of this treatment is that our clients can enjoy desirable results, without having to go under the knife. This gives our clients an opportunity to revisit their own triangle of beauty.

For more information on restoring volume, get in touch.