Why hands age

Our hands probably get more exposure to the environment than any other part of the body. As time goes by, the backs of the hands take on a more aged appearance, and even with good skin care such as regular moisturising and the use of high factor sun screens the skin will alter.

As we age:

  • skin on the hands becomes thinner
  • the veins and bones of the hand become more prominent
  • pigmentation of the hands change.

The good news is that hands can be rejuvenated. Using proven non-surgical treatments, our medical aesthetic doctors can give a more youthful appearance to the hands.


Rejuvenation can be achieved by placing a mixture of the appropriate hyaluronic acid filler and a skin revitaliser underneath the skin with a syringe. Usually two treatments are required to get the best results, with maintenance treatments at between six and twelve months.

Profhilo®, an advanced form of dermal filler, is an effective way of rejuvenating hands.