Natural-looking improvements can be achieved in all the problem areas of the lower face, including:

  • Lips. One of our most immediately noticeable features, the volume and definition of lips can be subtly enhanced using dermal fillers. “Barcode lines” above the upper lip can be softened with Botox.
  • Marionette lines. With age, some people develop vertical lines that extend downwards from the corners of the lips. They result partly from the ligaments around the mouth and chin loosening and sagging, and partly from movement of fat. Treatments can include dermal filler or pdo threads.
  • Labiomental crease. This is a horizontal crease between the lower lip and chin, that can become deep with age. Many clients consider this unsightly and are relieved to discover that it can be treated by relaxing the muscles within the chin, primarily through the use of Botox.
  • Chin. Issues related to chin shape may be age-related or simply a matter of genetics. These include receding chin — a smaller, less prominent chin that makes the contours of the face less clearly defined. Non-surgical methods such as dermal fillers can to be used to add fullness to the chin. Results are immediate, and, depending on your wishes, it can be a dramatic or subtle change.
  • Jawline. A chiselled or well-defined jawline is often seen as aesthetically appealing. However, ageing often results in the jawline becoming less defined, through shrinkage of muscles in the area or accumulation of fat. White Horse Aesthetic Clinic offers treatments such as jawline enhancement or jaw angle enhancement to address this. Dermal fillers are effective at volumising and defining a jawline quite effectively. The fillers can be injected along the jaw and into the chin – the exact configuration will depend on what precise issue you are trying to correct. Many people choose this non-surgical alternative to balance protrusion, recession or inconsistencies along the jawline.