Why the neck changes with age

Some of the main age-related changes in our necks’ appearance are down to the muscles in the platysmal bands (see side box).
As we get older these muscles shorten and become fibrous. This causes two prominent bands at the front part of the neck and a bowstring-like appearance. At the same time, the muscle fascia sags, contributing to the well-known ‘turkey neck’.


Lines can be treated with a combination of light Hyaluronic Acid filler and skin enhancers. Good results usually require three treatments taking place over three months are required. Peels and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments also have a significant role in treating these areas as well as cosmeceutical cream based products applied directly to the skin.

Profhilo® is an advanced form of dermal filler used at the White Horse Aesthetic Clinic to improve the appearance of  the neck and décolletage.