The White Horse Aesthetic Clinic offers a number of procedures for tackling signs of ageing in this key area, including:

  • Forehead Lines and Wrinkle
    These are the horizontal lines on the forehead which are made more prominent when you raise your eyebrows. They become more prominent with age. Treatment is often very effective in making these lines less severe.
  • Crows’ Feet
    Found in the outer corners of the eyes. These wrinkles can be caused by ageing, expressions, sun exposure and smoking.
  • Frown Lines
    Contracting our forehead muscles can cause frown lines. Also known as glabellar lines, these vertical lines are found in between the eyebrows and again tend to become more obvious with age.
  • Hollowing or dark circles beneath the eyes
    Hollowing or dark circles under the eyes is a giveaway sign of age. This loss of volume between the upper cheek and lower eyelid, is commonly known as tear trough deformity.


All of these issues can be addressed at the White Horse Aesthetic Clinic through safe, effective, non-surgical treatments. Depending on the patient’s particular needs, these may include:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections e.g. Botox
  • Treating deep lines with dermal filler
  • Re-volumisation of tear troughs and temporal hollows
  • Non-surgical brow lifts