Are you seeking sensuous, fuller, natural-looking lips?

Recently, lip enhancement has become very popular at the White Horse Aesthetic Clinic. Our clients are seeking  sensuous, fuller lips – and that’s not surprising. After all,  when we meet someone, lips are one of the facial features that we’re drawn to look at. Nicely plump lips have long been seen as attractive, and we all want to look our best!

Clients also want the age-defying effects of full lips. Lower lip volume is a giveaway sign of ageing. Although the fullness of our lips is genetically determined, lips tend to get thinner as we age. We’ve blogged before about how in other areas of the face, losing volume causes us to look older, and this is true for lip volume as well.

Is it possible to achieve this full, youthful look and still have natural-looking lips? Absolutely! Modern lip enhancements offer subtle improvements that are light-years away from the exaggerated trout-pouts of the 80s and 90s. Even better, these procedures do not require any sort of surgical procedure.

Lip enhancement in Wiltshire for plump full lips
The undeniable appeal of plump, full lips

The secret to non-surgical lip enhancement lies in an incredible substance – hyaluronic acid. This natural component of lip collagen has the remarkable property of retaining water within the tissue. This imparts volume and hydrates the lips.

As advised in the media, and rightly so, this procedure should only be carried out in a clinical setting, and by qualified aesthetic practitioners. For an experienced practitioner, using lip enhancers is a simple and safe procedure. The gel-like solution is injected into the lips, adding volume and definition. The results are immediate:

  • Volume, shape and definition are added to thin lips
  • Contouring effects create fuller upper and lower lips
  • ‘Sad mouths’ are lifted
  • The attractive ‘Cupid’s bow’ is restored
  • Lips become more proportionate

The overall result is an amazing, natural, fuller looking pair of lips and a more youthful look. No wonder more and more people are taking advantage of this straightforward way of achieving their potential.

With our state-of the-art facilities and trained medical practitioners, we’re the premier provider of lip enhancement in Wiltshire. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation consultation.